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Lacquer Art
Lacquer work has always been renowned and accepted in the history of Indo-Pak continent . It was originated in a Mughal family in Moza Jalalabad, T...

Home Decor Borrindo
Pakistanis have a long prominent tradition of arts and crafts dating back to pre-partition days and even as far back as the Indus Civilization. Pak...

Renewing Itself Every Moment
To sense like an artist, is to feel liberated. The wisdom of freedom that mediate an artist can never be traded for a few cents more. Crafting an a...

Borrindo Shades of Craft
The Borrindo artwork reveal the versatility of lacquer as a medium used by Asian artists to create exotic Vases with colorful geometric patterns an...

Bags with a story
Though we have refused complimenting Pakistani artisanship, everything is not yet vanished. Now, a group of Pakistani startups has started taking i...