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Our Story



Three people Armed with expertise in business, economics and marketing, practically with no capital but a blazing ambition to market and represent Pakistani artisans around the globe. The idea of Borrindo craft was initiated from a passionate desire amongst its founders to create a larger canvas than what exist today, for all the beautiful and un-paralleled creativity the artisans of Pakistan have been quietly perfecting for centuries. It all started when Muhammad Hassaan and his team, while working with a local NGO in Sillanwali, a place 245 kms away from Lahore, discovered the delicate handicrafts, which stood witness to hundreds of years old history of this land.

However, upon exploring the region and the lives of these artisans, Hassan realised that the economic backwardness and inaccessibility of the required infrastructure was gradually killing this beautiful Mughal-era industry. Many youngsters had given up the profession of their ancestors to take up more economically rewarding jobs.

Deeply influenced by issues of the Artisan community, Hassaan quit his job in 2015 and came up with the Idea of ‘Borrindo-The handmade Fashion’. Borrindo’s vision is to develop a handmade ethical fashion label by preserving the dying arts of Pakistan and help Artisan community to earn respectable livelihood and recognition around the world.

A design aficionado, design fictionist and pregnant of curiosity. Utterly driven by design.

To him, the design is always in the front line when it come to select something. Graduated from Pakistan`s most prestigious art and design school The National College of arts.

“ Good design keeps you calm, Bad design doesn’t.“

Husnain amin